Physical Exam

Physical Exam Services Offered In Haverford, PA

Healthcare providers use physical exams to evaluate your health.  At LSR Wellness in Haverford, Pennsylvania, Dr. Rosen and Dr. Rosner perform extensive physical exams, including annual physicals and preoperative exams. To learn more about scheduling your physical exam with the compassionate team at LSR Wellness, call to speak with a membership coordinator or email the practice today

Physical Exam Q&A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a medical evaluation in which your health care provider evaluates your body, looking for physical problems affecting your health. The team at LSR Wellness performs a physical exam when you come in for care, whether it’s for your annual physical exam or for a problem-related visit. 

What are some types of physical exams?

No physical exam is like another. However, the team at LSR Wellness performs specific exams to address unique health needs. Types of physical exams include:

Annual physical exam 

Your annual physical exam is the most comprehensive evaluation and important health visit of the year. During this exam, Dr. Rosen and Dr. Rosner evaluate your health from head-to-toe, ask detailed questions about your daily routine, and screen for health conditions.

They also spend time talking to you about your health and provide recommendations based on the findings. This might include lifestyle changes to prevent disease or treatments to manage an illness. 


Preoperative physical exam

LSR Wellness also performs preoperative physical exams. This exam occurs before your procedure and focuses on finding and treating any health conditions that might affect the surgical outcomes.

LSR Wellness offers a full spectrum of services, including diagnostic testing like an electrocardiogram (EKG). You may need an EKG before surgery to assess cardiovascular health.

Sports physical

Before engaging in a new workout or starting a sport, you may need a sports physical. This exam assesses your heart, lungs, muscles, and joints, making sure it’s safe for you to participate in the activity. 

What happens during a physical exam?

The details of your physical exam at LSR Wellness depend on the reason for your exam, your age, and your medical history. However, you can expect a patient-centered, comprehensive exam focused on you.

LSR Wellness is a membership-based adult primary care practice that carries a smaller patient load, allowing the team to spend more time evaluating your health and providing the appropriate guidance to improve it. 

During your physical exam, the team reviews your medical history, checks your vitals, and evaluates your body. They may also perform diagnostic testing to screen for health issues.

After your physical, they spend time talking to you about their findings and provide specific recommendations. 


Age < 30$600/year ($50/month)
Age 30–44$1,800/year ($150/month)
Age 45+$2,640/year ($220/month)
*Fee reduced 15% for spouse or domestic partner of member. Payments received on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis.