Lauren S. Rosen, MD

Lauren S. Rosen, MD

Board Certified, Internal Medicine


ABIM Certified since 2000
Recertification 2019

MCP Hahnemann University
Internal medicine residency

MCP Hahnemann University
Medical school

Bryn Mawr Terrace
Medical Director

Main Line Senior Care
Board Member

Main Line Today — Top Doc
“Patients’ Choice Award & Compassionate Doctor Recognition” (

Being a primary care doctor is every bit as challenging and rewarding as I thought it would be. During my medical school rotations in internal medicine I knew “this is it” — and it still is.

I was so certain about my future in internal medicine that I opted for an accelerated graduation program called the “3 + 3 Program” which focused on promoting primary care.

I am continually motivated and inspired by my patients and fascinated by the complexities of the human body. I believe your good health starts with primary care and a strong doctor-patient relationship.

Unfortunately, medicine today relies on volume-based care with increasingly stringent practice guidelines and insurance companies dictating how doctors manage your medical needs. I feel constrained by the status quo, as I’m sure you do. I feel pressured to see my next patient when we haven’t addressed your concerns in as much detail as we both would prefer.

Therefore, I am so thrilled about having the ability with my new practice to slow down, be available, and help you improve and maintain your health.

I grew up inspired by family members, who both professionally and through volunteer community activities, showed me the value of helping others on a big and small scale. Every bit of good you put into the world has a ripple effect so all the details matter of how we interact with those around us. I strive to live by these ideals every day and especially with my patients. My approach to patient care is genuinely “how can I best use my skill set to ease your concerns today?” — which is ever more challenging given the current pace of medical visits. Every time I open the door, and enter into a room with a patient, a new scene is set to continue practicing with that mission in mind.

I gravitated towards liberal arts and the humanities in my earlier years which led me to a Comparative Religions major at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA. A career in academics was definitely on the possibility list for me. Then, after college I lived in Israel for a year and worked with many different communities, including assisting the therapists at a school for children with cerebral palsy. That was life changing. It was hands on, directly impactful and felt exactly right for the mission of how I wanted to spend my time professionally. I returned to the states and started taking all the science requirements necessary to eventually apply to medical school. The rest is, kind of, history. Fast forward two decades of practicing medicine, multiple amazing colleagues, and a busy wonderful life. It’s time for the next chapter and I can’t be more excited.

On a personal note…

My husband, Adam, and I are both native Philadelphians and feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful part of the country near our extended family. Our two amazing kids and two feisty dogs complete our household.

We chose to return here after living and working in other places because of the natural beauty and endless activities to keep us busy, but most importantly, to be near our families.

In my spare time you can most typically find me in a few different places: exercising in all types of ways — spinning, yoga, tennis, playing with our dogs, or walking with friends because that’s the best time for a great conversation. I’m really looking forward to getting back to the gym so we can work out together.

I’m also likely to be in the garden or cooking, ideally using a new ingredient or tweaking a recipe just to make it a little different this time or a little healthier.

By the way, a general life — and recipe — philosophy: you don’t necessarily need to follow all the steps or use all the ingredients if you have a better way in mind. Use what feels right or what speaks to you. Your life will be happier, healthier and more satisfying. I’m looking forward to participating in your journey.