Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing Services Offered In Haverford, PA

Diagnostic testing provides objective data about your health, helping Dr. Lauren Rosen, Dr. Rosner, and the team at LSR Wellness in Haverford, Pennsylvania, screen for, diagnose, and monitor diseases. The adult primary care practice is a membership-based practice that is kept small by design. This gives Dr. Rosen and Dr. Rosner plenty of time to spend with you at each appointment to understand your health goals and help you achieve them.  As a member, you have many benefits, including comprehensive diagnostic testing. To learn more, call to speak with a membership coordinator or email the practice today.  

Diagnostic Testing Q&A

What is diagnostic testing?

Diagnostic testing includes various tests that detect and monitor disease. These tests may require blood, urine, or special procedures like ordering imaging studies to gather the information necessary to make a diagnosis.

Diagnostic testing provides objective data about your health, which helps ensure you get the most effective treatment and guidance.

LSR Wellness is a membership-based adult primary care practice that offers a full scope of services, including diagnostic testing. 

What are some of the types of diagnostic testing?

LSR Wellness offers a number of in-office tests to get the answers they need to fully evaluate your health. Some of the diagnostic testing services available include:

Strep screening

If you have a sore throat and come in for an acute care visit, the team at LSR Wellness may perform an in-office strep screening to check for strep throat. This simple test involves swabbing the back of your throat and testing for the bacterial infection.


A urinalysis helps diagnose urinary tract infections (UTIs) and screens for health issues like diabetes and kidney disease. LSR Wellness performs a urinalysis at the office.

 Electrocardiogram (EKG)

EKG testing checks the electrical activity of your heart. This test may help identify heart conditions like a recent heart attack or an arrhythmia (an irregular heartbeat).

  Dermatology screening 

LSR Wellness performs dermatology screenings to check for skin cancer.

 When do I need diagnostic testing?

The team at LSR Wellness determines when you need diagnostic testing. They may do testing during a preoperative physical, urgent care visit, or annual physical. 

You may also need diagnostic testing for chronic disease management so the team can monitor your health and adjust your treatment plan as necessary. 

Diagnostic testing is also a vital part of preventive health care, allowing you to gain insight into your current and long-term health. Testing can identify trends in your health and your personal risk factors for certain conditions so you can make improvements to benefit your well-being. 

LSR Wellness offers diagnostic testing to fully understand your health needs because they’re dedicated to caring for you. To find out more or join the practice, call to speak with a membership coordinator or email the practice today


Age < 30$600/year ($50/month)
Age 30–44$1,800/year ($150/month)
Age 45+$2,640/year ($220/month)
*Fee reduced 15% for spouse or domestic partner of member. Payments received on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis.